STTF2013 Workshop

Assistance in 3D modelling and fabrication.


The intersection of technological development with sustainability has reached complex times that postulate a wider scope in conceptual and practical terms. Imagining and producing sustainable technologies lies now on the ability of technical and social domains to merge their own concerns and solutions with no bias. Our collective futures depend on this paradigm change.

It is crucial to shift circuits toward technical objects and systems that comply simultaneously with topics as lower operational costs, or cradle to cradle trends, and others as convivial tailoring to local needs, or deference to economic, cultural and ethical issues of stakeholders. We need to get used to move continuously between established approaches on alternative energy choices or new materials, and groundbreaking perspectives on culturally laden artifacts or citizen participation channels.

STTF2013 Summer Schoolof ISCTE-IUL University Institute of Lisbon, ‘Sustainable Technologies and Transdisciplinary Futures: From Collaborative Design to Digital Fabrication’, offers a path in this direction.

Through the integration of both technical and social fields in an experimentation and learning model, participants from multiple areas will discover how to address and untangle these new challenges, within an innovative transdisciplinary environment of collective thinking and acting.

From generative design and ethical debates, to rapid prototyping and open production exercises, STTF2013 participants are encouraged to develop a new set of skills to deal with subjects such as 3D simulation, computer aided manufacturing, new sustainable materials, adaptable and interactive systems, DIY creativity and new making cultures, participatory innovation, appropriated and value sensitive artifacts, societal implications of technology, and critical science and technology studies.

Regardless of individual experience, technical skills, or knowledge of social methodologies, this Summer School grants everyone the opportunity to work together in sociotechnical processes of discussion, design, and fabrication of concrete objects, with all four pillars of sustainability as background.

STTF2013 is intended for Master and PhD students, researchers, and professionals from STS, Service and Product Design, Social Sciences and Humanities, Architecture and Engineering, Communication and Media, Computer Sciences, Environmental Studies, Economics and Management, and others.

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