This is a difficult part. I am going to try and be synthetic and say: I am interested in the relations and possibilities provided by computers and architecture.


And now that I wrote a clear first sentence, I will start diverging.

I like computers in their power to help create and organize in magnitudes and manners (scale and proportion) that would seem impossible by hand.

I like geometry. It is the visual manifestation of mathematics. I like visuals, and I like mathematics. Geometry is and its exploration is mathematical graphic poetry.

I like history and all it has to teach us. I specially find Architecture History to be a complete delight and continuous and renewable source of inspiration and learning.

I like nature and physics and the world around us. Millions of years have so much to teach, and we (I) are eager to learn. “Time is the ultimate architect” (insert author) and the nature around us is the perfect design. Computers help is simulate natural processes.


I want to connect all these in a harmonious way of designing architecture. That is my interest.

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