Aproged XIV – Workshop “Geometry as a language for drafting and materialization”

In 18th May, I will lecture a workshop in Lisbon, within the GEOMETRIAS’ 14 cycle of conferences. From the website: “Connexions between complex geometries and the most advanced digital technologies allow the introduction of new multidisciplinary approaches in teaching, researching and the professional practice of the related creative areas.

What role is there, nowadays, for Geometry learning?
How is Geometry teaching determined by these new technologies and which new learning opportunities can they induce? How can they be applied and coexist in an academic and creative context?

Teachers, researchers and students will share their investigations and experiments on the new learning and teaching approaches for Geometries and Drawing, between the 17th and the 18th May, 2014.
The communications presented in Geometrias’14 will be published at the Meeting Proceedings and in 2015 Aproged’s bulletin edition.”


The workshop goal is to create a large physical model composed of smaller parts created by each one of the participants.

The parametric approach is an important part of this exercise so that the overall unity of the model is preserved. Though a singular design is taken of each piece, a continuum will be achieved through parametric generative adaptation. Digital fabrication empowered through parametric design will be crucial for this exercise.

A CNC machine will be used in loco to fabricated each one of the pieces, for which an explanation of the possibilities offered by that machine will be presented.

In the end, all the pieces will be put together so that a whole is achieved. Each participant is entitled to keep his piece.

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