About me

pedrovarelaAn architect disguised as a computer scientist disguised as an architect

I guess the above header says a lot. I am an architect who studied at FAUP – Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto. I decided to study architecture because I liked drawing geometric stuff with a pair of compasses. I also liked computers very much, but I thought that going to a computer school would kill my creativity. I was wrong. But the opposite is also wrong, and that is why I am here.

This website is about me and the constant drifting between these areas of interest, using research, design and teaching as a medium. If you feel like contacting me, please write to pedrovarela@rucativa.com

  • I am part of the Digital Fabrication Lab, FAUP‘s division of research on computational design and fabrication.
  • I also direct AZVAvisuals, a company dedicated to communicate architecture through visuals.
  • I develop architecture projects and digital project collaborations through my company Pedro de Azambuja Varela, Arquitecto Unipessoal Lda.
  • I collaborate with Vitruvius FabLab, ISCTE-IUL‘s fabrication laboratory of investigation.

All content © Copyright 2018 by Pedro de Azambuja Varela.
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